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ET International Technologies is the exclusive supplier for Easy Tapper - custom designed, field engineered hot tap/wet tap machines to some of the world's largest corporations for over 20 years!

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We offer many special application machines and components, like our Easy Tapper Hot Tapping Machines, used to safely drill into a pressurized main line. Or, our Add-A-Thermowell, a dry well for temperature sensing and equipment control wiring work that can be added to a pressurized operating line. Or, perhaps you are in need of our line stopping equipment or line freezing, pipe freeze equipment or service.

Easy Tapper hot tap, wet tapping, boring and pipeline freezing machines, for installing a branch line works on all types of piping pressurized with all types of fluids at any temperature or pressure.

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Hot Tap, Wet Tapping, Pipeline Boring, Line Stopping,

and Pipe Freeze Machines. Hydraulic, Air & Electric Power Packages too.

Need a Branch line? With an Easy Tapper Hot Tap Machine, you can bore into the main line without interrupting service or shutting down the main pipeline. Now, its easy to tap in and pipe out a branch line, or install a vent, draindown, bypass, service port, purge or injection port, even in confined space.         

When a piping system is pressurized, you want to keep it that way. You need an Easy Tapper Hot Tapping Machine. The Easy Tapper will save you time and money, and this means no down time for the system or main pipeline. No need to drain down and refill the system after a time consuming tie in. The alternative is to shut down, drain the system, leaving it 'out of service'. Sediment within the pipe system can break loose, due to the drastic pressure drop. Then as the system is repressurized, the sediment can collect at low points, plugging valves, controls, & filters. The additional time can destroy job profits. 

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All of our hot / wet tappers can be powered by a drill motor; electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic.   Our machines are offered in several different styles:


Popular tool use and environments for the Easy Tapper hot tapping machine include:

Easy Tapper Hot Tapping Machines. Precision built, reliable equipment, that really works! Backed by generations of professional experience and a steadfast commitment to quality. We provide the industry with the tools needed to save time and money. So, if your interests or needs are related to;

Refinery Systems, Petroleum Piping, Gas Pipe Systems, Pipeline Systems, Hydronic Heating, Hydronic Cooling, Pneumatic Control, Process Piping, Plumbing Systems, HVAC/R Systems, Mines and Mining, Pulp and Paper Mills, Pneumatic branch, Hydronic fitter, Marine Machinery, Polution Control, Subsea Salvage & Boring, Piping for refineries, Bypass piping, Industrial, Mechanical, Temperature Sensing Drywell, Hydronic Systems, Refinery Piping, Re-pipes & Re-piping, Oilfield Piping, Pipe Line Work Over, System Drain Down or Deactivation, Tank piping, Cylinders, Power Plants, Refineries, Sub Sea Pipes, Marine, Municipalities, Hydraulic, Cryogenic, Control Work, Utility Systems, Branch Line, Bypass Piping, Add Bypass, Pneumatic Piping, Cryogenic Piping, Gas Municipalities, Water Municipality, City Steam, Oil Production, Thermal-well, or Add-A-Thermowell Installations,


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All Easy Tapper™ products are warranted against manufacturing defects for a period of one full year from time of purchase.  Should any sort of problem arise through normal use of the product, Easy Tapper will repair or replace any or all components as needed at no additional cost to the customer, by contacting Easy Tapper LLC by e-mail or telephone 



Contact Easy Tapper for hot tapping, wet tapping, boring machine and pipeline freezing machines, for installing a branch line works on all types of piping pressurized with all types of fluids.